Louis C.K. Explains Why Wal-Mart Isn?t The Problem, Shoppers Are [Watch]

The multi-national corporation thrives, says the comedian, because Americans don't "give a sh** about their neighbors."

Credit: Vulture

Credit: Vulture

There are a number of reasons to stop shopping at Wal-Mart. Not only does the large-scale retail company hurt local communities, it outsources approximately 50% of its goods from factories overseas while paying employees in third-world countries next to nothing compared to the profits that are raked in. In addition, Wal-Mart underpays women and neglects pregnant workers, as well as discriminates against employees with a disability and elderly employees.

For many reasons, Wal-Mart is a less than satisfactory store to shop at. However, rather than blame Wal-Mart for perpetuating hurt and ruin in various locations, the ?American, basic consumer? must admit that he or she is responsible for keeping the corporation in business. It?s this unfortunate truth that Lewis C.K. sought to expose during a standup show.

The comedian made it very clear that while the multi-national corporation is pretty horrible, it?s the average American?s fault for not caring about their neighbor(s).

During the routine (below), he says:

“I used to have a house upstate, in upstate New York. And there was a town that had all these beautiful old diners and general stores.? And they all closed, one by one, because of Wal-Mart.?

?But it wasn’t fucking Wal-Mart’s fault,” he exclaims.? “It was the people who live in that town who don’t give a shit about their neighbors.?

According to the C.K., the average American is willing to trample a fellow citizen just to save 13 cents on a mop. It?s the ?fuck my neighbor? mentality, he says.

Until people decide to ?be the change? they desire to see in the world and vote with their dollar, little will change. Fortunately, comedians like Louis C.K. and Russell Brand are using their celebrity to raise awareness about important matters of today, such as the Dakota Access Pipeline and the primitive tradition of Black Friday.

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