Looking For Inspiration To Get Creative? Watch These 20+ Motivational TED Talks

These TED talks are just what you need if you're in a creative slump and looking for some inspiration.

Credit: El Seed

TED Talks have been happening every year since 1990, but views have skyrocketed in recent years because of the culture of viral sharing on social media. With more and more TED talks being done in different languages, more people identify with the creative and innovative figures leading these 18 minutes or less speeches. Pair that with the TEDx talks, which are independently organized versions of the talks that are done locally, and followers of these talks can find any number of inspirational speeches that they want to share.

TED stands for technology, entertainment, and design, and it really covers a whole slew of topics. On their website, TED states that no topic is officially banned from their talks and that their speakers are carefully curated to create the most interesting content and reach the most people. That certainly explains why people of all backgrounds and with any number of interests can find common ground when watching these videos. If you’ve been in a creative slump lately, find that you’ve been lacking motivation, or just need a pick me up today, scroll these videos and be ready to get inspired.

Steven Johnson inspires creators by giving a brief history of how computers came to be, stating that the first flute and the first building block were made from bones by our ancestors. Find out how in this short talk.

Young-Ha Kim explains why we should all be artists right now and says that we were all born artists: just look at your kids.

El Seed talks about the project for peace that effected change, even within himself as he got to know the local community.

Anastasia Taylor-Lind shares that she believed she was taking photographs of the end of the Ukrainian conflict; now, she understands that she was documenting the beginning. Here’s how her art has made a difference in her life as well as those she’s captured.

Alexa Meade shares her fascinating medium for her paintings: the body of the people she’s painting. Watch to find out more about how she does this.

Feeling inspired yet? If you’re itching for more content about creativity, design, and much more, head on over to the TED talks website and choose from endless videos about topics you’re interested in or let them choose for you randomly. Just remember that your ideas are important to the development of today’s world and you can use your imagination to effect change in reality.

Source: My Modern Met

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