Look What Happened Inside Their Bodies When One Family Switched To Organic Food

Documentary 'The Organic Effect' shows what a huge difference to our bodies it makes to choose natural foods.


The Palmbergs are a family from Sweden who recently took part in a study on pesticides in the body. Their challenge was to eat only organic foods for two weeks, something they didn’t used to do because”it costs more than conventional food, and we’re a big family,” according to Mum Anette.

She, along with husband Mats, daughters Evelina and Vendela and son Charlie, ate their usual diet for one week, giving regular urine samples that were analyzed for 12 different pesticides. Then their diet was switched to only organic food, and their urine was analyzed for the same 12 pesticides during that time.

“We found insecticides, fungicides and plant growth regulators,” says Jorgen Magner of the Swedish Environmental Research Institute. This isn’t suprising, but it is (as Anette points out) pretty disgusting.

The family were shocked, and happily threw themselves into the organic experiment. Cupboards were emptied and re-stocked with good, natural produce, and the next urine samples showed that almost all of the pesticides had disappeared from the Palmberg family’s bodies.

“We know very little about the long-term effects of pesticide consumption,” says Dr Magner. “Especially if you consider that chemicals can be much more harmful when combined together.”

This study clearly shows that it’s worth paying more for pesticide-free produce, and an emotional Anette agrees, vowing at the end of the show never again to pump her kids full of chemicals. Please share this video if you feel the same!

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