London Mayor Volunteers to Get Blasted With Water Cannon to Prove They are “Safe”

After purchasing 3 second hand water tanks the mayor of London has volunteered to take a blast from a water cannon

borisThe authorities in London have been stocking up riot weapons in recent years, as a result of the increasing frequency of civil unrest.  One weapon that has become commonplace in London, and throughout the world, is the water cannon.

A water cannon is a military style tank that shoots highly pressurized bursts of water through large gun barrels that are mounted to the top of the tank.  Despite the many people that have been injured and killed by this weapon, governments across the world continue to claim that it is safe.

In London recently, the Mayor, Boris Johnson was even bold enough to volunteer as a water cannon victim, in order to prove that the cannons were safe.

This Wednesday, on London’s LBC radio Mayor Johnson was questioned about the government’s use of water cannons on nonviolent protesters.  Eventually, after some coaxing, the Mayor volunteered to get blasted with a water cannon himself.

The Mayor told the radio host thatOK. Man or mouse. Alright, you’ve challenged me to this. I suppose I’m going to have to do it now.  I’m doing this unfortunately from off-base, so I can see all my poor press people are going to be tearing their hair out. Never mind, it’s got to be done.”

The conversation was started because 3 second hand water cannons were recently purchased by the government in London, to be used in the outbreak of civil unrest.

While most of the politicians and police in London are in favor of the water cannon purchase, not all of them are.

In fact, Greater Manchester Police and Crime Commissioner Tony Lloyd told The Independent that “There is a real danger that the relationship between the police and the public they serve will be fundamentally altered if we start to see the use of water cannon on the streets of Britain. “We need to have a full, public debate before we see water cannon used on our streets. That has not happened and I find it worrying that there seems to be a move in some quarters to press ahead with this measure without it being properly scrutinized.”

Wrongful deaths from water cannons are unfortunately common, and cases have been reported steadily since 1985 when activist Günter Sare was killed by a water cannon during a protest.  Just this past year a man was killed by a water cannon during the unrest in Turkey.

It is still uncertain as to whether or not Mayor Johnson will actually follow through with his promise.

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