Little Girl’s Story Shows Ohio Made A Big Mistake On Marijuana Reform

Sophia's epilepsy is so severe, not even a brain operation made her seizures stop. Ohio's recent rejection of a medical marijuana bill that could have helped her is a tragic injustice.

Sophia Nazzarine has been suffering with severe epilepsy since she was six months old. In this moving video, her devastated parents explain why they are campaigning for the right to give her CBD oil, a cannabis compound which is proven to effectively treat seizures without getting the patient high.

The Nazzarine family live in Ohio, where a bill to legalize marijuana was rejected earlier this month. That’s tragic news for Sophia’s parents, who believe that they should have the right to treat their daughter with a natural compound before anything else is offered to them.

Sophia has more than 100 seizures a day and has tried many different drugs to help control her epilepsy. Her parents were offered a final, dangerous solution: to operate on Sophia’s brain. There was a risk that it could damage the parts of her brain responsible for her unique personality, which was terrifying for the family. Luckily, Sophia continued to be bright and happy, but the operation didn’t stop her seizures.

This video by Learn Liberty is supportive of national medical marijuana legalization. In light of Ohio’s rejection of the bill that could have ended her suffering, Sophia’s story is more important than ever. Despite the recent vote, it’s not too late to campaign for change. On November 14, activists gathered in Dayton to push for legalization of medical marijuana within the state of Ohio. Demonstrators called for the passage of Housebill 478, the medical marijuana bill introduced in March, which is still with the state’s health committee. They remain hopeful the bill will be put to the vote this month.

This video is worth watching just to see how out of touch politicians really are. After watching her parents fight back tears while they beg for the right to treat their child’s illness with a natural remedy, we are shown a clip of the governor of Ohio saying he doesn’t think cannabis reform is an issue he needs to deal with.

“Do you see a situation under which you might support medical marijuana?” John Kasich is asked.

“No, no,” he replies emphatically. “That’s a call for physicians. No…I don’t think that makes any sense. That’s not what we need to do.”

If you strongly disagree, please share this video in support of Sophia and the thousands of other kids like her who could be helped by medical marijuana law reform. You can also sign a petition to help Sophia’s family campaign for justice here.

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