Little Boy Donates His Piggy Bank To Vandalized Mosque

The simple act of solidarity and kindness was greatly appreciated after a disturbing hate crime in Texas.

On Monday, an Islamic center in Pflugerville, Texas was the target of an Islamophobic attack. Haters had ripped up pages of the Koran and defecated on them, leaving the offensive waste outside the building’s entrance. Faisal Naeem tells KVUE he is worried that next time, attackers might be armed.

But one young member of the community responded to the event with love and compassion. Seven year-old Jack Swanson donated the entire contents of his piggy bank (a grand total of $20) to the mosque. Board member Naeem appreciates this display of solidarity.

He says:

“This gives me hope, it means it’s not one versus the other. In two years, or ten or twenty years from now, I’ll be gone. But my kids and Jack are Americans. They were born here, and are going to grow up together.”

Jack’s mother Laura Swanson says she wants to teach her child love, not hatred.

“We did what we could,” she says, speaking of Jack’s small but significant donation. “It doesn’t matter what we believe; all faith is important. I mean, what happened in Paris is not what’s happening in Pflugerville. We should all be here supporting each other.”

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