Life’s Short, And Then You Die: Short Animation Asks Us To Reconsider Our Priorities

What would YOU see if your life flashed before your eyes?

If you saw our recent post featuring the impressive illustrations of artist Steve Cutts, you might want to check out this short animation by the same guy. Called ‘In the fall’, it tells the story of a man’s last thoughts as he topples from a building to his death. ‘You are about to die’, proclaims a projector screen as he tumbles towards the ground. ‘So here are your best bits’.

What follows is to be expected: warm childhood memories of ice cream, toys, friendships, and hobbies. Then his teenage years flash by, made up of fun, dancing, and romance. But what happens next? Watch the film to find out. Clue: life’s short, and then you die…so make sure that your life is jam-packed full of awesomeness every single day!

If you like this animation, please share it! You can also check out the hard-hitting short film ‘Man‘, another powerful piece of work from Steve Cutts which we previously featured on True Activist here.

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