Large Palestinian Flag Flown From NYC Bridge: Removed by Police after 30 Minutes!

“Ferguson to Palestine, occupation is a crime,” Protesters repeated loudly.

NYC Manhattan Bridge, activists drop HUGE Palestinian flag from bridge

NYC Manhattan Bridge, activists drop HUGE Palestinian flag from bridge

Hundreds of Palestine supporters covered the Brooklyn Bridge in New York City on Wednesday August 20, holding signs and chanting in support of Gaza as Israeli offensive continues.

Public rally started to take place in Manhattan after it was organized via social media by many activists – Palestine supports such as New York Solidarity with Palestine and Direct Action.

The event ordered under the title, “March for Palestine,” – #NYC2GAZA and looked for $1,000 in funding earlier this month through the Indiegogo website.

Demonstrators unfurled a huge Palestinian flag from the nearby Manhattan Bridge around 7 p.m. ET. The flag reads “Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions.” Using the colors of the Palestinian flag, you can also read “GAZA IN OUR HEARTS.”

About 2,000 or 3,000 were practicing in the last month demonstrations, but it’s not clear yet how many people were involved in this rally. Photos from social media showed that several hundred were participating.

The flag was removed by New York police roughly 30 minutes after raising it, and were investigating to figure out who displayed it. Organizers, who inspired people to hold Palestinian flags, said that they have no idea who put the flag on the Manhattan Bridge. No arrests were reported.

Police thought the Palestinian flag was linked to an another event happened last month, when two bleached white American flags reticently appeared atop the Brooklyn Bridge.

Nastaran Mohit, an organizer for New York Solidarity with Palestine, declared that she had no idea about that, saying: “They obviously knew we were marching, it was a beautiful thing to see.”

The New York based journalist Nick Pinto was among the protesters in Brooklyn Bridge:


Mashable’s Colin Daileda was also in the march, she tweeted that marchers repeated chants describe supporting for Palestine and criticize for Israel, like, “No more money for Israel’s crimes, not another nickel, not another dime.”


Linda Sarsour, a civil rights activist, said that protesters also repeated:“Israel bombs. We protest. Boycott, sanction and divest.”

The marchers tried to find a relationship between their demonstration and events in Ferguson, chanting: “From Ferguson to Palestine, resistance is justified.”

Josmar Trujillo, was one of the participators, he said: “In the cases of brutality in Ferguson and in the case of Gaza, what you have is decades of anger from people who feel they are oppressed.”

“We are young, we are strong, we are marching all night long,” marchers repeated.


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