Kitten Farm In Australia Raided, Operator Fined Only $32K

?This is the worst example of a kitten factory that Wyndham has ever seen.?

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By: Nida Javed? Yes, you read the headline right. A kitten factory has been raided in Australia and the man busted for operating it. Kittens and cats were found perforated with pests and vermin as they were imprisoned in a filthy place full of garbage. 35 to 70 kittens were euthanized as they were so sick.

The man was charged a fine of $32,000 and was restrained from breeding animals for a long?period. However, a lot of people believe that this punishment was not sufficient for the brutality these animals had to suffer. Steven Lambert, director of city transformation for Wyndham, Australia, told the Australia?s Star Weekly that ?this is the worst example of a kitten factory that Wyndham has ever seen.?

1. Kitten FarmAlso known as kitten farms or mills, these kitten factories usually operate underground in comparison to puppy mills. According to Animals Australia:

?That absence of transparency, supervision, and the actions of dishonest breeders all combine to create what can be, at best, a life of deprivation and chronic boredom for cats and their kittens or, at worst, a living nightmare.”

2. Rescue Me OhioDespite these factories being scandalized, there are many of them operating all across U.S. A lot of NGO?s are operating doing their best to stop this animal cruelty. Amongst them is Companion Animal Protection Society (CAPS) who works hard to protect animals through rigorous examination, legislation and rescue. According to them:

?We’ve investigated breeders who have puppy mills without knowing that they had cats, or not being able to gain access to the cats. If we don’t get access to the entire facility, the cats would be the hardest to see because they are completely indoors.?

Factories that are USDA-licensed are authorized to sell these animals, however, even they have dirty accommodation and overflowing litter boxes. When CAPS go for a thorough investigation what they find is sick kittens kept in pens stained with feces.

3. CAPSA lot of effort was exerted to protect these animals, and fortunately, all rescued cats have found homes.

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