Kind Women Knit Sweaters For Rescued Chickens To Keep Them Warm

Nicola Congdon and her mum knit wooly jumpers for rescued battery hens to keep them warm during the winter.

Thanks to two kind-hearted women, rescued battery chickens are experiencing how good – and cozy – life can be.

Nicola Congdon and her mother, Ann, from Falmouth in Cornwall, England, own around 60 hens and half of them are former battery chickens. This means that they have, unfortunately, spent most of their lives in cages, and are not able to acclimatize to normal weather conditions.

To keep them warm during the frigid winter months, Ann and Nicola came up with an ingenious solution: knit them wooly chicken jumpers.

Says Nicola:

“It’s important to make people aware of the poor conditions the hens live in and the fact that they have no feathers when they are retired.” 

Nicola and Ann are now receiving special requests for jumpers from hen-keepers near and far. Instead of selling the tank tops for profit, she said the money goes to an AIDS orphanage in South Africa.


Credit: SWNS

The photos show just how adorable hens can be – especially when they’re happy and cute in knit sweaters.


Credit: SWNS

“There’s not a problem with them actually putting the jumpers on, they just stand there and they do everything they should be doing – as a chicken would.”


Credit: SWNS

The heartwarming activism isn’t the first of its kind. Australia’s oldest man knits tiny sweaters for injured penguins affected by the oil spills. You can read more about that here!

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