Kind Samaritan Performs C-Section On Wounded Deer, Saves Fawn’s Life

While driving across western Canada, an outdoorsman spotted an injured deer who was going into labor. His actions saved the fawn's life.

Credit: Northern

Credit: Northern

While driving through Alberta, Canada, a tourist named Sean Steele noticed a wounded deer on the side of the road. He slowed down, pulled over, and made his way to the injured animal.

He was going to euthanize the deer to put her out of her misery when he noticed something – she was pregnant! Apparently, being hit put her into early labor. That realization spurred the outdoorsman to perform an emergency C-section on the doe. It might have been too late to save her, but her fawn could still make it.

GoodNewsNetwork reports that the fawn had breeched, meaning his hind hoof protruded before its head. The traveler knew this could be fatal, which is why he grabbed his pocket knife and expertly performed a Cesarean section to save the baby deer.

My lifetime friend Sean from Barrhead Alberta. He must be a master of the universe. 󾍇

Posted by Michele Steele on Wednesday, June 15, 2016

When the fawn first emerged, it wasn’t breathing. Luckily, the experienced dairy farmer knew just what to do. He grabbed a blade of grass and tickled the baby’s nose until it sneezed and began to breathe on its own.

After the heroic delivery, he drove the fawn to the Northern Lights Wildlife Society refuge. On its Facebook page, the organization relays that the little deer is drinking milk from a bottle, playing with another orphaned fawn, and appears to be recovering quite well.

Posted by Northern Lights Wildlife Society on Monday, June 13, 2016

Thanks to Steele’s quick-thinking, a tragic accident didn’t have to result in two deaths.

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