Kind Muslim Man Spends Christmas Delivering Gifts To The Homeless [Watch]

This inspiring man purchased gifts with his own money then handed them out to homeless folks to spread some holiday cheer and challenge stereotypes about Muslims.

What did you do for Christmas (if you celebrate it)? Individuals with a non-profit in Denver handed out joints to the homeless, but a Muslim man in London decided to spread some holiday cheer in a completely different way…

Take Part reports that homeless folks in London were surprised with a Muslim St. Nick when Nubaid Haroon sent a compassionate reminder of his religion’s core tenant.

With his own money, Haroon purchased a number of gifts, wrapped them, and then set out to the streets to deliver them to homeless individuals.

Not surprisingly, his goal was to challenge stereotypes about Muslims, a well as spread a bit of Christmas cheer at the same time.

In an email to Take Part, Haroon wrote:

“I think that a lot of people think because Muslims don’t celebrate Christmas that we don’t accept it when people celebrate Christmas. But in reality, my family give chocolates and food to neighbors/friends regardless of their race/religion. It’s just about being one with the community.”

Just because you don’t worship the same God as someone else doesn’t mean you can’t peacefully co-exist. Once humanity recognizes this truth, the world will shift in profound ways.

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