Kid Therapist Is Offering Emotional Advice To New Yorkers For $2

The money that’s raised is donated to children who can’t afford school lunches.

Credit: NY Post

The New Year is almost here, and with it, plenty of anxiety about 2016. In addition to a number of well-known actors and musicians dying, Donald Trump became President-elect and basically announced that the United States is taking a few steps backwards in terms of progression and environmental sustainability.

This acknowledged, it’s either genius, humorous, or perhaps a mix of both that an eleven-year-old therapist has set up shop in the Subway station of New York and is offering emotional advice for $2.

The New York Post relays that every Sunday since October, Ciro Ortiz has sat down to his ‘therapist’s desk’ and offered advice to passersby. Each session is five minutes and costs $2. On a typical Sunday, he can make up to $50! But whereas most kids would keep the funds, Cirro gives all that’s raised to kids at his school who can’t afford lunches.

The Emotional Advice Kid was inspired to start the venture after he was bullied in school. His parents always encouraged him to be kind to others, so the youngster decided to channel his life lessons and converse with others about how to handle their problems.

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According to those who have sat down with Ortiz, he has a gift at helping anxious adults cope with their problems by giving impressively simple responses. For example, one afternoon he was approached by a man whose wife recently adopted a vegan diet.

“I told him that she didn’t get mad at him for eating meat,” Ortiz recalled. “She likes to eat what she wants and he likes to eat whatever he wants so they’re just gonna have to deal with it.”

The kid shrink relays that most people are grieved about how the times are changing, and how society used to be better “back in the day.” He always responds:

“Try to accept change. Everything changes. We have to change too.”

This impressive kid is one to watch, as well as an inspiration to those who might feel too young or too small to make a difference in the world. Watch the video below:

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