Kickstarter-Funded Vegan Butcher Shop To Open In NYC This Spring

A Brooklyn-based vegan butcher shop will open its doors in spring 2017.

Credit: Monk's Kitchen

Credit: Monk’s Meats

It isn’t the first vegan butcher shop to exist, it and it most certainly won’t be the last. According to statistics from around the world, plant-based diets are on the rise as people choose to lessen their consumption of animal products due to ethical, health, and environmental reasons.

After all, if one can indulge in faux meats and cheeses that taste just as good as the real thing, why wouldn’t they? NYC dwellers and visitors will have this opportunity come Spring, now that Monk’s Vegan Delicatessen and Kitchen will be opening.

DNAInfo reports that the Brooklyn-based butcher shop will open at 477 Gates Ave., near Marcy Avenue. Customers will be able to choose from products such as smoked seitan, house-cured vegan sausages, freshly-pickled veggies, tofu, and a plethora of vegan cheeses. Because there will be no dining area, the store will only offer pickup or delivery.

Entrepreneurs Chris Kim and Rebecca Lopez-Howes began designing the vegan butcher shop in 2010. Though the operation first was based in their home, they eventually expanded to commercial operations just three years later. Since then, the business has continued to grow.

Credit: Monk's Kitchen

Credit: Monk’s Meats

Individuals who have tasted the duo’s tasty creations comment that the shop’s vegan-friendly options are not only bold in flavor, they offer the texture and heartiness traditional meats afford.

Monk’s Meats wouldn’t be as successful as it is, were it not for the public’s support. To ensure the unique establishment could open, the owners started a Kickstarter campaign which turned out to be incredibly successful, relays Inhabitat. $50,385 was raised for the project. The funds allowed the entrepreneurs to secure a building which used to be a Chinese restaurant; now, renovations are underway. Lopez-Howes and Kim aim to open the vegan ‘butcher’ shop by the end of spring 2017.

Below, Kim makes a case for wheat meat:

Though the shop hasn’t even opened yet, the owners are already considering opening a second location that will serve delicious, cruelty-free fare to ethical eaters who desire to sit and chat. What are your thoughts? Please comment below and share this news!

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