Just When You Thought You Couldn´t Hate Monsanto Any More, This Happens

After historic win over Monsanto for Maui´s residents, puppet judge delays GMO ban law as Monsanto and Dow prepare to sue the county

Last week people in Oregon and Colorado lost the fight for GMO labelling as Monsanto, Pepsi and Kraft spent millions battling a law that would give us the basic right to know what we are eating.

Now Monsanto is at it again in Maui- but it´s even worse. Unlike in the States, this month the people of a county in Maui did win the battle of the century: they voted for a total ban on GMOs, leaving Monsanto and Dow terrified. Hawaii is where GMO seeds are created and tested, and the agro-chem corps claimed they would suffer “irreparable harm” if the law came into effect. They have launched a lawsuit against the county and suddenly a judge is saying the law will be delayed, which could mean forever if Monsanto get their way.

Campaigners had fought for over a decade to reach this moment, even creating their own TV campaigns to counteract the millions spent by the world´s worst corp on propaganda to sway voters against legislation.

Another YouTube video discussing this story looks at some very shady connections between official bodies and corporate giants. Why, for example, is a former Monsanto attorney heading the FDA, and another sitting on the supreme court? It seems democracy is dead when you have this much power…

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