Junior High Boys Win Right To Wear Shorts After Protesting By Wearing Skirts

The traditional dress code was firm, so the young men got creative — and rebellious.

A group of schoolboys from Exeter’s ISCA Academy are social activists in the making. Even though temperatures have been scorching hot recently, the boys weren’t allowed to wear shorts to stay cool. The traditional dress code was firm, so they got creative — and rebellious.

As GoodNewsNetwork reports, the 30 boys collectively wore tartan skirts issued to the female students. Reportedly, school officials were surprised and didn’t quite know how to handle the uprising. Fortunately, none of the boys were punished.

As a result of their activism, however, the school decided to implement a new rule: male students will be allowed to wear shorts “as summers are becoming hotter.” The revised dress code will take place in 2018, as it ““would put undue pressure on some of our families, students will be able to discard their blazers and jumpers.”

A few other changes were added, as well. Starting in 2018, students will be allowed to take off their ties, undo the first button of their school top, and even untuck their shirts if they are feeling overheated.

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