Jumpstart Your Morning With A Mug Of “Wake The F*ck Up” Tea

The makers of "Calm The F*ck Down" tea have debuted a new blend guaranteed to give one the kick of caffeine they need.

You’ve likely heard of Calm The F*ck Down tea, a blend that’s great for relaxing and not having a care in the world. Now, however, it’s time to become acquainted with Wake The F*ck Up tea, another blend introduced to the market by lifestyle retailer Firebox.

The blend was recently debuted to celebrate the UK’s recent National Tea Day and it is guaranteed to give one a kick of caffeine they need.

The brew is a spicy blend of black tea infused with fragrant ginger pieces and natural flavors. As Man of Many reports, the tea is potent in small batches and has a biting finish.

Blended in Canada, the brew offers a boost of energy as well as a bounty of antioxidants, which are beneficial for reducing free radical damage.

Unfortunately, the unique tea is only available in the UK at present. Those who have access, however, can Wake The F*ck Up by clicking here.

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