Jon Stewart Rescues Bull That Escaped Slaughterhouse And Ran Around Queens, NY

Jon Stewart rescued a bull that likely would have been returned to the slaughterhouse he escaped from.

Credit: Farm Sanctuary

As some already know, former talk show host Jon Stewart recently began making plans to start an animal sanctuary with his wife, Tracey, as a New Jersey branch of Farm Sanctuary. Farm Sanctuary is an organization that has several branches throughout the U.S. where their goal is to rescue animals meant for the meat or dairy industry, promote a vegan lifestyle and compassion for animals.

Stewart is still new to this organization, as the sanctuary he and his wife planned to open up in late 2015 went through renovations before they ended up buying a different location in October 2016 to start the sanctuary. In the midst of all this planning, Stewart made news again for doing the unthinkable: he rescued a bull that was running through the streets of Queens, NY and deemed dangerous as officials attempted to capture the terrified bull.

Credit: WABC

The bull, now named Frank, had escaped from a slaughterhouse and made a run for it. He was so determined and frightened that when he was shot with tranquilizer guns, he still didn’t go down. Though these stories, which are common in this area, often end with the bull being sent back to the slaughterhouse, Frank’s ended much differently.

Credit: Farm Sanctuary

When the young bull captured Stewart’s attention, he decided to arrange for Frank’s transport to Farm Sanctuary’s branch in upstate New York. He was named Frank Lee, after a famous Alcatraz escapee, and he now spends his days lazing around and having fun with the other bulls and cows at the sanctuary. Stewart said, 

“Frank had never done anything wrong. He was just a being…trying to live.”

Stewart’s own sanctuary is still in the works, as the couple just bought a $4 million property in Colts Neck, NJ instead of starting the farm on their current Middletown property. Their sanctuary will be the New Jersey branch for Farm Sanctuary, which currently has three branches around the country.

Credit: Farm Sanctuary

This is probably not the last time we’ll hear about the Stewarts going above and beyond to help animals in need; in fact, it’s probably just the beginning. The natural transition from comedian/talk show host to animal advocate for Jon was natural, as he always advocated for compassion for animals on his show. Tracey, who is vegan, encourages her husband as much as possible as they continue their work in changing the country’s views on animals in the meat and dairy industries.

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