Jon Stewart Bought A New Jersey Farm And Is Turning It Into An Animal Sanctuary

Stewart and his wife, Tracey, have plans to purchase a New Jersey farm and transform it into an animal sanctuary.

Credit: GoodNewsNetwork

Credit: GoodNewsNetwork

Jon Stewart, the hilarious host of Comedy Central’s Daily Show, is a New Jersey native who is ready to return to the simple life. As he winds down his stellar 16-year-career, though, many wonder what new hobbies will employ his time.

According to EcoRazzi, the beloved comedian and his wife, Tracey McShane, have ambitious plans to purchase a New Jersey farm and transform it into an animal sanctuary for rescued farm animals.

The animal advocacy group Farm Sanctuary recently released the following in a press release:

“The couple recently bought a farm in New Jersey with the intention of providing a home for farm animals rescued from cruelty, and in November, Tracey purchased Adopt a Farm Animal sponsorships for all of their Thanksgiving guests.”

Stewart, who has spoken out more than once against the unethical treatment of animals on the Daily Show, has been a long-time animal rights activist. Some might recall his skewering of Chris Christie’s support of gestational pig crates in an eight-minute segment earlier in February. And more recently, Stewart participated in a thoughtful interview with Farm Sanctuary founder Gene Bauer.

Credit: EcoSalon

Credit: EcoSalon

Compassion is a trait prevalent in the Stewart family. Tracey shared with Farm Sanctuary that “promises of animal shelter visits in exchange for completed homework are the norm in the Stewart household.” Raising their two children to have respect for the environment and compassion for all animals is a key part of the pair’s efforts to ensure future generations of animals have all the protection they deserve for years to come.

While life will likely offer new challenges and experiences on the farm, caring for a menagerie of animals is nothing new for the Stewart family. According to USA Today, the family’s pets over the years have included four dogs, two horses, two pigs, three rabbits, two guinea pigs, two hamsters, one parrot, and two fish who, as Tracey stated, were “all rescues.”



In recognition of the Stewarts’ efforts to care for animals, Farm Sanctuary named a pair of newly adopted sheep after the couple. Tracey the sheep recently gave birth, and the sanctuary named her adorable offspring Hazleton. In October, Jon and Tracey will also be honored at a Farm Sanctuary event. 

With Stewart leaving the Daily Show in August of this year, his witty commentary on the American political system will no doubt be missed. But at least his absence from the funniest news show in history will provide ample opportunity for him to enjoy the wild splendor of New Jersey and care for rescued animals with his family.

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