John Oliver Exposes The Right-Wing Media Empire Taking Over Local News

The host of "Last Week Tonight" explains the implications of Sinclair Broadcast Group purchasing Tribune Media.

Credit: HBO

Did you know? The majority of all news stations are owned by a handful of major corporations. As True Activist reported in the past, this means the majority of content broadcasted to hundreds of millions of consumers is aligned with certain agendas, regardless of where a news station falls on the “conservative” or “liberal” spectrum.

With Sinclair Broadcast Group in the process of purchasing Tribune Media, local news is now about to get a lot less local. This was the main focus of John Oliver’s most recent segment on HBO’s “Last Week Tonight.”

In the video below, Oliver explains that if the deal goes through, 200 stations would be moved to the conservative network. He adds that the combined evening news viewership would average around 2.2 million people per night, reports Huffington Post.

It’s more than any current primetime show on Fox News including ‘Five Idiots Have The Most Intolerable Dinner Party Ever’ and ‘That Guy From College Everyone Hated Has A Talk Show Now ― With Tucker Carlson,’” said Oliver.

The bad news doesn’t stop there. Oliver adds that Sinclair has a tendency of showing right-wing “must-run” content — the type Donald Trump praises as “true” media.

Watch Oliver’s entire explanation of this deal — and what it means for viewers — below:

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