Joe Rogan Rants About The Importance Of Living And Eating Healthily [Watch]

The former Fear Factor host and stand-up comedian brusquely explains why eating healthfully and getting enough exercise is essential.


One of the things Joe Rogan, a comedian, sports commentator, actor, and podcast host, is known for is speaking his mind. And in a snippet of The Joe Rogan Experience which follows, he does just when vocalizing his thoughts on the topics of health and exercise.

An athlete himself who is infatuated with the medicinal and stress-relieving properties of marijuana, Rogan begins by stating that exercise is an essential component of the body?s cycle. He explains that most people stuff themselves with food and do nothing to burn it off. In his straight-forward way, he makes it clear that it?s not a mystery why so many people are overweight, particularly in the U.S. and in Britain.

Rogan also elaborates on why many foods consumed by the average citizen are incredibly unhealthy. Milk, for example, is scrutinized, as the former Fear Factor host calls it a ?dead? food due to being pasteurized. He also raises concern about the ethical treatment of cows and how most dairy farms pump the animals full of steroids and hormones, making the product of milk an unhealthy beverage to consume.

His basic message is that if one can?t find their food in nature, it?s not good for you. An example is giving when he presents the listener with the idea of consuming a luscious, hydrating peach. The sugar present in the fruit is well-absorbed by the body due to the fiber and nutrients it contains. 17 tablespoons of sugar, which is often consumed in sweetened beverages, would never be found as an isolated ingredient in the woods, however.

The man practices what he preaches, and he certainly has some wise advice to share with those who are?ready to listen.?

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