Jilted Bride Left By Groom Donates Wedding Reception To Homeless Families

In the eleventh hour, this woman’s wedding fell apart. But because the reception was paid for, she decided to do something to brighten others’ lives...

The average person, if left at the alter, would likely mope in the reception hall by themselves getting drunk on bubbly champagne. But Dana Olsen isn’t like most people – thankfully.

Six weeks before Olsen’s planned wedding, her groom-to-be got cold feet and decided to walk away.

Emotionally wounded but not broken, Dana decided to do something amazing with the planned reception. It was too late to cancel the event and get her family’s money back, so she and her mother decided to donate it all to a good cause.

What better way to start anew than to create positive, joyful memories?

KING-5 News reports that Olsen and her mother partnered with Mary’s Place Shelter in Seattle, Washington to treat 150 women and children living in the shelter to a fantastic night out.

The celebration hasn’t yet taken place, but when the big day comes, the residents of the shelter will be dolled up by a stylist and will have donated dresses and jewelry to wear.

In addition, the catered dinner and live band once meant for the wedding party will now nourish and entertain the struggling women and children staying at Mary’s place.

Said Dana:

“I just want it to be really fun. I mean, if we can’t have a good night, I hope that they’ll have a great time.” 

When you’re down on your luck and praying for a break, a joyful event like the one Dana and her mom have prepared could be the inspiration some of the women need to keep going.

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