Japanese Firm Hires Office Cats To Reduce Workplace Stress

More and more companies are initiating "office cat" policies.

Credit: YouTube

Imagine if you could spend 24/7 with your beloved pet. That’s a reality in Japan, where more and more firms and companies are not only allowing but encouraging employees to bring their pets to work for the day. The initiate aims to decrease the amount of stress employees in the workplace feel.

Tokyo-based IT company Furray was the first to kick off the neat policy. Hidenobu Fukuda, the head of the company, launched the “office cat” policy in 2000. Now, there are nine cuddly office companions who keep the workers cheerful. Fortunately, none at the workplace are allergic to cats.

An added perk is that Fukuda awards $45 bonuses for any employee who adopts a rescue cat.

The employer is quick to admit that sometimes, cats create a bit of havoc by cutting off a phone call or powering down a computer. The healing exchange they offer employees, however, is priceless.

Watch the video below to learn more:

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