Jamie Foxx Was Racially Profiled And Assaulted While Filming In Croatia

The actor was called the equivalent of the "n" word and was horrified by the experience.

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On the streets in the United States, if someone were to see Jamie Foxx, they?d most likely request an autograph. Overseas and in countries where people haven?t been exposed to his acting career, he – like many others – is prone to becoming a victim of racial profiling. An excellent example follows.

According to Total Croatia News, Foxx was in Croatia earlier this year to film Robin Hood: Origins, in which he will portray Little John. The film is produced by Leonardo DiCaprio and is expected to be a hit.

While dining in a restaurant offset, Foxx was enjoying his meal when two men entered the establishment and began verbally attacking patrons and the staff. According to a police report which was filed, a 44-year-old and a 50-year-old were insulting the diners and employees ?in a particular and rude way.? Foxx was one of the guests attacked ?on a racial ground.?

After the men were escorted off the premise and later, charged with misdemeanors, Foxx uploaded video footage of the incident (which has since been deleted). He said he had been called ?crncuga?, which is a slang term meaning the same as ?nigger.?

The incident serves an important purpose by reminding the public that racism is still prevalent in many countries – first-, second- and third-world. There is never any excuse for racial profiling or bigotry. Hopefully, what Foxx endured?will remind people what it must be like to “walk a mile” in someone else’s shoes.?

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