Jaden Smith Feeds The Homeless In LA Through A Pop-Up Vegan Food Truck

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Yet another charitable venture from celebrity Jaden Smith.

Being a celebrity is by no means easy, time is not a luxury most enjoy with hectic schedules and all sorts of things to do, places to go, people to meet. Yet some still manage to squeeze in some time to help others via worthwhile charitable projects. Jaden Smith is such a person.

Jaden launched a mission to help feed the homeless in downtown LA by opening a food truck serving healthy vegan food. Announcing on his Instagram page recently: “ The I Love You Restaurant is a movement that is all about giving people what they deserve, healthy, vegan food for free. Today we launched our first one day food truck pop-up in downtown LA. Keep a lookout because this is the first of many.” The announcement coincided with the release of his new concept album called ERYS.

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Jaden has utilized his wealth to help charitable ventures before. He donated a water filtration system to the city of Flint, Michigan, where water contaminated with lead created a health crisis. He also recently participated in fellow actor Shia LaBeouf’s charity fundraiser for his theater school Slauson Rec, a free performing arts program open to anyone. He also was one of the major celebrity investors behind the $300 million Series E round of funding Impossible Foods, which is a plant-based food company.

Other celebrities in the same category as Jaden Smith who decided to give back to humankind include Sam Simon – writer and producer, Chow Yun-fat – actor, and Keanu Reeves – actor, to name a few. Sam Simon, who helped create the popular TV show The Simpsons, left his entire $100 million fortune to charity after perishing from cancer in 2015. Chow Yun-fat on the other hand, plans to donate his $714 million fortune to charity when he dies, and Keanu Reeves, one of the most charitable and nicest actors, secretly funds children’s hospitals, talks to the homeless and offers assistance, and involves himself in other acts of charity.

It is good to know that there are celebrities like Jaden Smith who help their communities in a big way. We need more people with big hearts. Charity begins at home, but finds its way around.


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