Jackie Chan Encourages Endangered Animals To Protect Themselves With Kung Fu [Video]

In a new commercial, the legendary martial artist teaches young pangolins how to protect themselves with kung fu.

The majority of humans may not care about endangered animals, but actor and kung fu artist Jackie Chan does. In a new commercial which debuted in Beijing, China, the legendary martial artist teaches young pangolins how to protect themselves.

At first, it seems that Chan’s teachings aren’t sinking in. When the pangolins are confronted by a poacher, however, they utilize their newly-taught skills and put the hunter where he belongs — in the trash. Entitled “Kung Fu Pangolin,” the public service announcement was funded by WildAid and The Nature Conservancy. The hope is to encourage the conservation of the Asian animal which is the most trafficked animal in the world.

Said WildAid CEO Peter Knights,

“The priority for pangolin conservation is reducing consumer demand and improving enforcement. Jackie reaches a vast audience across Asia and there are clear signs these campaigns have had an impact and attitudes are changing. Shark fin imports to China went down 81% in three years. Ivory seizures there were down 80% last year, and ivory and rhino horn prices have fallen by more than 50%.”

Chan supports a ban against the commercial pangolin trade that was issued in 206 by the United Nations. Animal rights activists are hoping you will, too.

Watch the video below:

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