Ivanka Trump Has Wasted No Time In Getting Child Care Handled, But It’s Not What You Think

Ivanka has been taking over the child care plan she wants for the entire nation.

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Ivanka Trump has been making phone calls to important people about how to best handle child care, but it’s not in regards to the care of her own children. Though it may be prompted by her passion as a mother-of-three, her phone calls have been with members of Congress to get people on-board for the child care legislation plans she unveiled several months before the election.

Conservatives have been concerned about the plan, calling it “leftist” and worrying about how the policy would make the right-wing happy and support small businesses. The First Daughter has already said she will be a champion for women’s issues and has endorsed Democratic candidates in the past, causing many to wonder where she falls on the political spectrum.

A source told CNN that Ivanka has been in contact with the Ways and Means committee in the House, female members she previously met when she first unveiled the plan, and other various members with influence.

Despite not having an official role in her father’s administration, Ivanka is taking charge like no one else in the family is. When Trump first discussed the new childcare plan in September at a rally in Pennsylvania, his daughter was right by his side and he proudly outlined the general idea of it.

The plan involves allowing individuals earning less than $250,000 annually to deduct child care costs for up to four children or care for elderly relatives from their income taxes. People in all income brackets can also set up bank accounts with tax advantages to save funds specifically for this care. Families who are below the poverty line and don’t earn enough to pay income taxes could be given up to $1,200 for child care through an expansion of the?Earned Income Tax Credit. The most notable part of the plan is the guaranteed six weeks of paid maternity leave, but the catch is that this would be paid for with the unemployment-insurance program, whose budget would likely remain the same and suffer.

“Little focus has been put on how best to alleviate enormous financial burdens child care places on low-income and middle-income families,” Ivanka said.

Trump told the crowd in Pennsylvania,?”For many families in our country, child care is now the single largest expense — even more than housing. Our plan will bring relief to working and middle class families.”

Ivanka and her husband, Jared Kushner, have been shopping for houses in Washington, D.C. and Ivanka has been jokingly called the next First Lady because of her influential role on Donald’s presidency. It’s still unclear whether she will become a cabinet member or not, but even if she doesn’t have an official title she will certainly be an important part of the president-elect’s decision-making.

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