Italian Company Shows Off 789 horsepower Electric Supercar

Italian car company unveils high end electric car

Italian Electric Tecnica LaviniaThis week, an Italian vehicle manufacturer known for building small electric cars and scooters unveiled a new model of electric supercar.

Tecnicar announced the release of the Lavina, a 789 horsepower vehicle that has a 0-62 mph acceleration time of 3.2 seconds and can reach speeds of up to 186 MPH.  It was also estimated that the car can travel up to 180 miles on a full charge.

The vehicle was reportedly planned by designer Giuseppe Ferrazzano, who named the car after his wife, Lavina.

Aside from the model of the vehicle shown in the video below, Tecnicar has not announced many details about the car or its release.

There was no word as to when the car will be ready for sale, or the general price range that the car will fall into.  However, it was reported by Inhabitat that a prototype of the vehicle is currently being built in Sicily, and should be finished in time to appear at a car show in April.

Some critics have questioned whether Tecnicar has the ability to build such a high powered vehicle, because they have been traditionally known to build smaller and slower cars.  However, they do have more experience with electric cars than most of the other auto manufacturers who will soon be breaking into that market.

The Tesla company is still the global leader in electric cars, but the rise of competition in the market is showing that electric cars are becoming more of a reality in our world.  Earlier this year, True Activist reported that Harley Davidson is now even planning to release a series of electric motorcycles, which they are calling “the Tesla of motorcycles”.

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