Italian Chef Delivers Free Pizza To Commuters Stuck In Traffic Due To Wildfire

The chef’s generosity is being celebrated on social media.


Chefs don’t just adore food, they love feeding it to the people who will appreciate it. And who might appreciate a freshly-baked, delicious pizza more than commuters stuck in traffic?

On Monday, a number of drivers were stuck in their cars on a highway for hours due to a large wildfire that was blowing smoke over the commuting lanes. To prevent accidents, people slowed their cars and waited. And waited some more.

It’s for this reason that Simone Di Maria of La Pizza di Egizio located in Genoa, Italy, began baking an excess of pizzas to give away for free. According to BBC News, the food connoisseur learned of the traffic jam and began personally delivering pizza and water to dozens of people in their cars nearby. 

Delighted by the tasty pizza, a number of happy recipients took to social media to express their gratitude.

Se la città é bloccata a quest'ora, non si può lasciare la gente digiuna all'ora di cena…Una margherita é un piccolo gesto che, però, può raddrizzare una giornataccia…

Posted by La Pizza di Egizio on Monday, January 16, 2017

In response to all the praise, the chef humbly stated that he felt empathetic to those who were stranded on the road. He also mentioned the real heroes were the firefighters working to extinguish the blaze. 

A post on the pizzeria’s page reads:

“You can’t leave people starving at dinner time. A margherita is a small gesture that can get a bad day back on track.”

If everyone paid a bit of kindness forward every day, the world would be a drastically different place. What are your thoughts? Please comment below and share this news!

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