Israeli Defense Minister Suggests “Colour-Coding” Palestinian Areas, Rewarding the “Good” and Punishing the “Bad”

This "carrot and stick" plan would reward Palestinian areas deemed by Israel to be less threatening, and increase conflict in areas that were more loyalist to Palestine.


Israel Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman suggests ?color coding? map of Palestinian areas that signify ?good? and ?bad? Palestinians.? In what has become known as a ?carrot and stick? approach, Lieberman stated that 15 Palestinian villages would be labeled ?responsible? Palestinians, such as business people, academics and mayors for the ?good? areas.? The ?green? areas will see economic rewards for their ?good behavior?. They would be given work permits, benefit from new development projects and be ?included? in the development of Israeli-controlled zones. He stated that there would be more developments of hospitals and ?kindergartens?, as well as football fields as the ?carrot? mechanism.

Another 15 villages (the stick) would be labeled ?red, and would see an increase in collective punishment.? These areas will see curfews, a likely increase in night raids and demolition, and increased security. These areas would be areas that have seen attacks against Israelis, or where known Hamas conspirators live.

In order to implement these plans, Lieberman would replace current Palestinian Authority with ?more favorable?, Israeli-approved leadership. He also proposes a $2.6-million online campaign that would basically promote Israeli-led propaganda in order to offset current Palestinian or anti-Israel campaigns.

His long term goals are to persuade the Palestinians that their aspirations for a self-governing state of Palestine are ?unattainable? and ?counterproductive.?

In the same conference, Lieberman also stated that he believes returning Palestinian terrorists’ bodies to the West Bank as ?funny and grotesque?. He stated that he intends to put a stop to the practice.


Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman is no stranger to extremist, racist, and violently expressed views against Palestinians. According to Middle East Monitor, in 2015, Lieberman threatened to behead and ax Palestinian citizens of Israel if they were not fully loyal to the Jewish state. He has also advocated for the ethnic cleansing of Palestinian citizens living in Israel.


The problem with assigning zones, other than it being ironically reminiscent of Jewish ghettos in Germany, is that most attacks against Israelis are done?by ?lone wolves? in Jerusalem. Distinguishing one area from another would end up ultimately creating class warfare, and the Palestinian ?terrorists? would still manage to find themselves in the ?green areas? due to financial backing.

In fact, this exact thing has happened in the past and failed miserably.

In 1978, the ?Village Leagues? were created, separating the perceived ?good from the bad? among Palestinians. By July 1980, major assassination attempts against Israeli-elected mayors began.? Mass protests, strikes and violent confrontations between younger Palestinians and Israeli forces continued until the Israeli government finally dissolved the highly ineffective project by March of 1984.

As someone once said (both equally likely and unlikely attributed to Albert Einstein), insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.

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