Is This The Best Music Video In The World Right Now?

Not only is it a beautiful song, but the cinematography and lyrics send a powerful message about technology and human interaction

Dublin-based producer Kormac’s single “Another Screen” features words from the legendary author Irvine Welsh, who is famous for gritty books (and later films) such as Trainspotting, Filth, and The Acid House. Welsh’s spoken word is perfect over this simple (but beautiful) melody.

“Don’t give me another screen,” says Welsh in his gruff Scottish twang. “I spent all day looking at one on my laptop. It’s called work.

Don’t give me another screen. I spent all night looking at a 17-inch television. It’s called leisure.

Don’t give me a kindle for Christmas. Just come by and re-kindle my heart.

Don’t make me your facebook friend. Just come by and drive me round the bend.

Don’t give me another screen. I’ll scream and scream and scream and sream.”

The video is a really impressive work of art in itself, down to the director’s choice of shots and attention to detail (like the grafitti the protaganist passes on a small adventure that fits perfectly with the lyrics). This is far more than a music video; it’s essentially a short film featuring some cool music and an important message for all of us. The track comes from the artist‘s album ‘Doorsteps‘, out this month.

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