Intriguing New ‘Library of Things’ Allows You To Check Out More Than Just Books?

Patrons of the California-based library can check out everything from useful household appliances to musical instruments!

Credit: Sacramento Public Library

Credit: Sacramento Public Library

Have you ever needed to use an appliance for a short period of time, but didn?t want to fully purchase the contraption because you knew you?d never use it again? If so, you?re not alone.

Thankfully, an innovative new service is being offered at the Sacramento Public Library, and it could remedy this conundrum once and for all.

The Plaid Zebra reports that the library is now offering a variety of objects to check out that aren?t books, including musical instruments, sewing machines, electronics and games.

Patrons of the library voted on the items they?d most like to be able to check out from the ?Library of Things?, and it was made so thanks to a Library Services and Technology Act grant administered through the California State Library.

From 3D printers to bikes, the wide variety of items can be found in the Sacramento Public Library’s Arcade location. Reportedly, there?s even a bike-repair station to help out cyclists.

Credit: Sacramento Public Library

Credit: Sacramento Public Library

As it states on the library?s website, to borrow an item, one must be at least 18 years old?unless they seek to borrow a video game. To make the process as convenient as possible, the catalog is online.?

Patrons can even place a hold on an item they would like to check out. Once it becomes available, they are notified and can pick it right up.

There are some rules and restrictions, of course. Prior to borrowing, a lending agreement must be signed, which lays out the guidelines.

Also, customers are only allowed to borrow one item at a time. This ensures there?s plenty for everyone. In addition, an item may only be checked out for three weeks, and may be renewed up to six times. That is, if there is not another borrower waiting.

Credit: Sacramento Public Library

Credit: Sacramento Public Library

Every day that the item is overdue, there is a $1 fine. If the person checking out the item does not take care of the object, they will be billed accordingly, depending upon if it is lost or returned damaged.

The innovative ?Library of Things? should be a norm in every city, don?t you agree? As we recently reported, it?s easy to think you need to purchase more to live comfortably, when there?s plenty of products already produced everyone can share.

If you?re interested in learning more, check out the Sacramento Public Library?s website, where there are many items to be checked out. From a ukelele, keyboard, drum set, set of guitars, and a sewing machine to a button maker, laminator, screen printing kit, and GoPro camera, there?s something for everyone.

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