Internet Falls In Love With Featherless Lovebird, Send Tiny Sweaters To Keep Her Warm

Because Rhea has a disease that causes her to lose her feathers, internet fans have been sending her custom-made sweaters to ensure she stays warm.


It might be argued that every compassionate deed is worth of recognition. Though poverty, war, and world hunger still exist, at least there are kind citizens on the planet who are willing to go the extra mile to help the littlest to the largest of creatures. It’s about intention, which is why the following story of the folks around the world helping out a featherless lovebird is so heartening.

When 23-year-old Isabella Eisenmann saw a social media post about a featureless lovebird, she decided to offer it a home. The bird, named Rhea, has a condition called Psittacine which causes her to lose her feathers. In serious cases of the disease, birds can lose their claws and beaks, as well. Fortunately, all Rhea requires is an annual blood test and tiny sweaters to stay healthy.

While many might find the lovebird to be less appealing without her feathers, the Boston resident loves her new roommate. In fact, she started an Instagram featuring Rhea which has attracted thousands of followers. Because others love Rhea just as much as Isabella, the featherless lovebird has begun receiving tiny custom-made sweaters to keep warm.

Eisenmann told Buzzed: 

“When she has [a sweater] on she feels super cozy and is super calm.” 

Despite not having any feathers, Rhea is one of the happiest and most playful lovebirds out there. According to The Dodo, she’s always out of the cage, running around the house, and oftentimes sings like crazy! She doesn’t need feathers to be deemed adorable, and the following photos are proof of that.









While it’d be lovely if as many people were clued in on the Syrian crisis and felt just as compelled to help refugees, at least this positive news is a sign of humanity’s potential to help others.

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