Inspiring Young Woman Designs Jackets That Turn Into Tents For Refugees

The designs are both functional and fashionable.

Credit: ADIFF

As a student at Parsons School of Design, Angela Luna, felt a bit disconnected when it came to what she was learning in class and what she saw going on in the world around her. With the growing refugee crisis, she found it hard to justify pursuing a career in design and fashion when there was so much work to be done that an education in the humanities could have afforded her.

Since she was already three years into her higher education, she decided to instead make the most of what she had learned and found an amazing way to apply it to what her heart knew she had to do: help in any way she could. She started her company, ADIFF, with exactly this in mind.

Credit: ADIFF

“Fashion or any other industry can easily become a movement for change. It may not be able to solve the crisis itself, but it sure can make a difference,” said Luna.

Luna spoke with humanitarian workers and agencies, read articles and interviews, studied photographs of homeless refugees and took note of the biggest issues these people were facing while they fled their homes. Shelter and warmth seemed most prominent, so Luna decided to address these issues in one fell swoop by designing a tent that unfolds into a wearable jacket that protects from the elements or a rolled up bag.

Credit: ADIFF

The design is innovative, extremely useful, and comes in two sizes to either accommodate a family of 5 or a pair of people. Her collection features a variety of other products that perform similar functions, such as a sleeping bag that doubles as a blanket or a jacket and a backpack that unzips to become a cape for warmth.

On top of being functional, these items are also fashionable and are designed to attract investors and those wanting to help people across the globe. Though she emphasizes that the designs weren’t inspired by refugees, the garments are intended to prove that design can truly help others if people dig deep to find a way to make it work.

Credit: ADIFF

One market she plans on advertising to are those who go on long-distance hikes or treks. The model that ADIFF follows is one based on donations, where proceeds for every purchase of their products goes towards funding humanitarian initiatives and providing the most-needed resources to refugees.

The website says, “The brand not only assists refugees, but also creates awareness and education about the global issue itself, using fashion as the medium.”

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