Inspiring Woman Shows Off Amputations To Promote New Ideal Of Beauty [Watch]

A zip-lining accident resulted in this woman losing all four of her limbs. Now, she’s comfortable with her body and is inspiring thousands around the world.

Four years ago, a woman named Aimee Copeland procured a dangerous flesh-eating bacteria disease during a zip-lining accident. As a result, doctors had to remove both of her hands, her right foot and left leg to save her life.

Understandably, losing all four of her limbs resulted in immense amounts of emotional trauma. Four years later, however, Copeland is an inspiration for all amputees around the world.

The brave activist recently shared the photo above on social media to promote body confidence and self-love. She relays that in the years since the accident, she has been fitted with bionic limbs and maintains an active lifestyle. But while on a vacation with her family in Puerto Rico, she finally felt confident enough to let the world see her in a bikini without any prosthetics.

Credit: Aimee Copeland

Credit: Aimee Copeland

Too often, many of us feel insecure because we don’t look like airbrushed and photoshopped models. Society tends to portray only one body type as being ideal when a minute percent of the population can adhere to such standards. The truth is, beauty comes in all shapes and sizes and everyone should feel proud to rock the body they were given. Copeland is helping promote that message.

“It has taken me a long time to become comfortable with and accept my new body,” Copeland wrote on Facebook. “The scars and skin grafting build character! It’s not about what you have — what you do with what you have is what really counts.”

By speaking out about the accident and her long recovery, Aimee is inspiring others who have great physical trauma to accept themselves. She even delivered the commencement speech at Georgia Gwinnett College last month. You can watch that video above.

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