Inseparable Stray Dogs Land Jobs So They Can Stay Together Forever

This gas station is now their place of employment.

Credit: Adote um vira-lata RS

When Gabriel Corrêa purchased a gas station in São Leopoldo, Brazil, he never expected to become a dog dad in the process, but it seems that he was destined to be. Like many countries in the world, stray dogs in Brazil are a common “problem” that citizens must deal with on a daily basis. This is a result of a lack of spay and neuter programs, poverty (because people can’t afford to take in dogs that need homes), and a general dislike for animals.

For Corrêa, however, dogs are not a problem but an adorable blessing. When he took over the gas station this past February, the former owners shared some words of advice with the new owner.

Credit: Adote um vira-lata RS

“We were told that there were some dogs who went there from time to time looking for the night guard who gave them food,” Corrêa told The Dodo. “We were told we shouldn’t feed them or give them attention, because if we gave them food or attention they would stay there forever.”

Credit: Adote um vira-lata RS

Little did they know that that’s exactly what Corrêa wanted. Instead of refusing to feed the dogs, which were an inseparable trio of strays that the locals had known about forever, he fed them every single time they frequented his gas station, causing them to drop by more often. Soon enough, they rarely left the station and became akin to mascots for the location. Lucky for the dogs, Corrêa already had a soft spot for dogs that helped him welcome them.

“I love dogs,” said Corrêa. “They grew on us, and we grew on them.”

Credit: Adote um vira-lata RS

Corrêa decided to take the next step in their relationship and hire the dogs as full-time employees, starting with collars and name tags to make it official. The three dogs, now named Marmaduke, Trakinas, and Mano, are the furry poster children for the gas station, whose customers are becoming more loyal to the location strictly because they support the owner’s decision to take them in.

Credit: Adote um vira-lata RS

Their new dog dad even fixed up some old doghouses so that his new employees would have a shady place to rest in between shifts. The trio’s official job title is “security,” although they fall asleep sometimes while working in the hot sun. All three dogs love calling this place home, and they have the added benefit of being safe instead of on the streets where people can be cruel and endless love from the people that visit just to see them.

“As a resident of São Leopoldo, I congratulate the new owners and their employees!” one patron wrote in a post online. “I was already a customer, but now I am even more so. My advice to others: Fill your gas tanks here!”

Credit: Adote um vira-lata RS

This is a lesson to all to do what you can for those in need, whether or not they are human, and you just might encourage others to do the same, spreading kindness everywhere.


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