Inmate Asks To Donate Bone Marrow To Judge Who Sentenced Him To Jail

In an inspiring display of compassion and reform, an inmate offered to donate bone marrow to the judge who sentenced him to jail 25 years ago.



Imagine you were recently diagnosed with blood cancer and forced to seek bone marrow donations to save your life. No doubt the entire ordeal would be stressful, but what would likely be most shocking is receiving an offer of assistance from a man you placed behind bars 25 years earlier.

Yet this is exactly what Supreme Court Judge Carl Fox recently experienced.

After being diagnosed with blood cancer in April, Fox has been on a desperate search for a bone marrow donor to help extend his life. What he did not expect was a man he put in jail 25 years ago to contact him and offer to help.

Charles Alston, an inmate committed for armed robbery twenty-five years ago – a sentence he’s still serving, wrote to Fox in July volunteering to test as a donor. He credited his wish to help with his recent spiritual conversion into a changed man. No doubt Judge Fox was shocked and humbled, for he was serving as district attorney when Alston was sentenced.

In his letter, Alston wrote:

“There is no hatred or animosity in my heart towards you or any man. I have forgiven you for the verdict I received and [am] serving that time in all humility of heart.”

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Because inmates are not able to sign onto the donor list for risk of infectious diseases, he, unfortunately, is not able to donate. However, Fox was touched by the gesture.

“I was very touched by it … totally surprised. I never thought Charles Alston would’ve written me and offered me the right hand of fellowship and offer to do something to save my life,” Fox told WRAL. “He had every reason to be angry with me, given where he is and the sentence he was given. It means even that much more he did that given the circumstances.”

Such an inspiring display of compassion is proof that people – if they choose – can change. Truly, no one is ever without hope, for there is always the opportunity to choose love over hate or fear.

If you would like to join Fox in his rallying for awareness of blood cancer, you can register as a bone marrow donor at Delete Blood Cancer. Also, visit ‘Save The Fox’ Facebook page to lend your support.

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