Injured Kitten Looked Like A Kangaroo And Was Weak, But Look At Her Now!

If you didn't know Roo's story, you wouldn't even notice her disability.

Credit: Marnie Russ

Many animals get a rough start in life, and Little Roo, a kitten born last April, was no different than many of the small animals that wind up at the shelter. She arrived with her two siblings, but shelter staff immediately knew that something was off about Roo.

Credit: Marnie Russ

Roo was extremely small, the smallest of her litter, and her walk was odd, to say the least. She was brought in for an x-ray to determine what was wrong with her and technicians found that she was born without elbow joints, causing her little arms to be perpetually bent in and upwards. It’s because of this difficult but adorable disability that she resembled a little kangaroo.

Credit: Marnie Russ

Marnie Russ, someone who specializes in caring for special needs animals, took the little kitten home to be a part of her family. They aptly named the kitten Roo and the now 8-month-old baby is growing up fast and learning how to live with her disability.

Credit: Marnie Russ

Russ told Love Meow, 

“She has learned to use her front legs like a normal kitty would, so if you didn’t know her story you wouldn’t think anything was wrong with her, except when she walks she is shorter in the front.”

Credit: Marnie Russ

It’s amazing that Roo has adjusted to her condition so quickly and that she doesn’t let it stop her. In some cases, animals allow their disabilities to paralyze or depress them into not trying to adjust at all, but with the right care and the right home this can be overcome. Russ also excitedly said, 

“She has been successful in helping raise thousands of dollars for the organization that helped save her, the National Kitten Coalition. She is so great at giving back and she doesn’t even know it!”

Credit: Marnie Russ

Not only did Russ take in Roo, but she decided to give back to help other kittens that find themselves in these tough positions get the care they need. She may not know about her contributions, but Roo is surely grateful just to have a loving home and organization that wouldn’t give up on her and other kittens that the organization helps will be able to experience the same love.

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