Incredible Photos Show US Military Walking Through HUGE Marijuana Field In Afghanistan

A group of soldiers became the center of an investigation after they captured “trophy” photos of themselves posing with marijuana plants on a huge cannabis farm.

Credit: Splash/TMZ

Marijuana might be a medicine, but it is still outlawed in many areas of the world – including Afghanistan, one of the first regions to cultivate the crop. It is for this reason that the following news which, granted, is from 2012, is so curious.?

In the video below (from 2012), members of the U.S. military walk through an enormous marijuana field for about five minutes, snapping ?trophy? photos of themselves with cannabis as they go. The images are lighthearted and hold a humorous tone. However, because marijuana is illegal in Afghanistan and is still classified as a Schedule 1 drug at a Federal level in the U.S., the soldiers immediately became the center of a military investigation.

The pictures below show the unidentified military members posing with large plants.

Credit: Splash/TMZ

Though there is no evidence of the soldiers smoking the flower, they also came under fire for removing the plants and hanging some inside one of the military vehicles.

Credit: Splash/TMZ

U.S. Army officials told TMZ that the situation is ?being looked into,? and that ?The U.S. military takes allegations of drug possession, transfer, distribution, and use very seriously.?

Because soldiers are not allowed to wear non-military issue headgear, at least two were reprimanded for donning baseball caps.

Credit: Splash/TMZ

This isn?t the first time military members have gotten in trouble for taking trophy photos. Fortunately, these soldiers chose to pose with a plant that has killed 0 people and is known to be a medicine, instead of posing with dead Afghan civilians, which some U.S. military members did in March of 2011.

Credit: Splash/TMZ

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