Incredible! Photographer Captures Rare Images Of Sperm Whales Sleeping

Photographer Franco Banfi captured the spectacular occurrence of sperm whales napping in synchronization.

Franco Banfi

If you’ve ever wondered if sperm whales sleep, here’s your answer. While diving off the coast of Dominica Island in the Caribbean Sea, professional underwater photographer Franco Banfi had the extraordinary opportunity of photographing sperm whales napping.

Banfi was tracking the mammals and recalled that all of a sudden, the whales stopped moving and went into a synchronized vertical rest. According to a team of biologists from the UK and Japan who witnessed something similar in 2008, the behavior signifies the sperm whales sleeping. Further studies revealed that the collective nap occurs for approximately 7 percent of a whale’s life, usually in short intervals of just 6-24 minutes.

The surreal images are a sight to behold and inspire even more awe about the natural world. Fellow diver Sabrina Belloni was there with Banfi and can be seen swimming next to the underwater giants for size comparison.

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Following are images of the sperm whales sleeping:

Credit: Franco Banfi

Credit: Franco Banfi

Credit: Franco Banfi

Credit: Franco Banfi

Credit: Franco Banfi

Credit: Franco Banfi

The video below reveals more facts:

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