Inclusive Playground Opens, Allows Children With Disabilities To Get In On The Fun

An inclusive playground - the first of its kind - allows kids with various types of disabilities to enjoy the freedom of being a child.

When you’re a child at a playground, ordinary objects become magical props in a fantasy land of adventure. A tire swing, for example, might become the portal to a new world, and a rickety walkway could be a bridge between two pirate ships during an intense battle on the high seas.

The point is, playgrounds are a place of magic and entertainment for kids of all ages, and they deserve to be enjoyed by every single child – no matter their gifts or disabilities. 

Residents in the town of Kenosha, Wisconsin, believe this adamantly, which is why they combined efforts and worked with organizers, volunteers, and contributors from all over to create something amazing…

After three years of hard work, The Dream Playground was unveiled for kids of all kinds to enjoy.


Credit: David Fricke

It’s not any ordinary playground, however. It was specifically designed to ensure that kids with various kinds of disabilities can play uninhibited.

The floor is designed to ensure that wheelchairs can move properly without falling off, or any other mishap. In addition, the slides are free of static, so children who use hearing aids are not bound to suffer at all. Merry-go-rounds also come with lock seats, and there’s even a swing that fits wheelchairs!

Credit: David Fricke

Credit: David Fricke

The ingenious folks behind The Dream Playground also designed a musical instrument which allows kids with hearing aids to explore the realm of vibration and sound.

Tammy Conforti, a special needs educator, started the project because she saw a need for inclusiveness. She said:

“I thought of all the children I’ve taught through the years who would benefit from something like this and how important it is that children learn from other children and play. What a better tool for children to use, because that’s how children learn is through play.”

Credit: David Fricke

Credit: David Fricke

Hopefully in the future, similar playgrounds are developed so kids of all kinds can enjoy the pleasure and freedom of being a child.

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