99 Illegally Smuggled North Korea Photos They Don’t Want You To See


Galleries of photos depicting parts of North Korea that the government doesn’t want you to see have circulated before, but this collection of photos is a complete set by an unnamed photographer who visited North Korea for 16 days.

Most tourists are only allowed to visit Pyongyang, the political smokescreen of a city designed to look how the country wants to be seen by other countries. However, this photographer took the longest tour that the nation offers to tourists and was able to illegally snap photos of towns and citizens along the way.

From forbidden airlines to construction workers using medieval tools to citizens riding atop a hazardous bus, these photos tell the whole story of what North Korea doesn’t want foreigners to see. The photographer had his photos searched through for two whole hours when exiting the country. Though many were deleted, he had secret backups of his photos and was able to smuggle them out.

Click through to see the 99 photos North Korea attempted to shield from the world.

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