IKEA Donates Doll Beds To Shelter So Cats Can Stay Cozy Until Adopted

The furniture company donated purrfect sized doll beds to the animal shelter along with $300.

Credit: Etobicoke Humane Society

Shelter felines have been given a great gift by the Swedish furniture company IKEA. It all began when  Rebecca Gordon, the social media manager for the Etobicoke Humane Society based in Ontario, Canada, was perusing the store’s website and spotted an image of a cat sitting on a toy doll bed. Immediately, she contacted the company and asked if they’d be willing to donate Duktig doll beds for the rescue cats to use until they were adopted. A representative soon responded and agreed to send ten beds to the animal shelter.

Gordon wrote on Facebook:

“Our floors are easy to clean but not terribly comfortable to lay on. Now cats like Catsby and Frankie have beds of their own to curl up in.”

As Metro points out, IKEA does not specifically make pet furniture, but a number of animal caretakers have discovered that doll beds work perfectly for furry housemates.

Credit: Etobicoke Humane Society

Incredibly, the day Gordon made the phone call to IKEA, the store had already selected the Etobicoke Humane Society to be a charity for its donation program. For this reason, the company included $300 in donations along with the beds.

The doll beds mean a lot to the shelter staff and, likely, the animals as the Humane Society is based 100% on donations. Many volunteer staff members treat their duties as a second full-time job.

Credit: Etobicoke Humane Society

Fortunately, a video posted by the organization assembling the donated beds has earned that animal shelter even more attention. Now that the Etobicoke Humane Society has captured the public’s attention, hopefully, more donations and assistance will pour in.

“I’m really surprised about all the attention the video got,” commented Gordon. “It’s good exposure especially because we always need resources for the animals.”

Watch the video below:

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