If you think your old TV is recycled somewhere in a hi-tech building, think again!

So what exactly happens to all the e-waste generated the world creates?  This recreation area and wetland in Accra (Ghana) has turned into one of the biggest e-waste dumping sites in the world and all the toxic end up in the Atlantic Ocean.

Traders from across Europe, the U.S., China and India have therefore reportedly been sending containers of ‘Development Aid’ or ‘Second-Hand Products’ to Tema Harbour, the contents of which end up being dumped 20 miles east in Agbogbloshie. – Dailymail

As shown in these images taken by Photographer Kevin McElvaney, these boys and young men make their living by salvaging metals and burning cables to get to the copper inside.

Is this happening because of our ignorance or greed?

Surely the corporations responsible should be brought to justice for these crimes.


Copyright: Kevin McElvaney



Copyright: Kevin McElvaney


Copyright: Kevin McElvaney


Copyright: Kevin McElvaney


Copyright: Kevin McElvaney


Copyright: Kevin McElvaney

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