If You Could Change One Thing In The World What Would It Be?

If we could start all over a million miles from here, could we eliminate the hate inside and all our fears? Or would you keep it going, our self-inflicted hell? We gotta reach for peace before history can repeat itself

In the following video, independent artist known as Prozak asks “If you could change one thing in the world what would it be?”. He traveled the country recording  answers from all walks of life from children to celebrities, some of the answers may surprise you.

In a world where we see more negativity, hate, death and destruction it can make it difficult to see any of the positive that is all around us. From a young age I’ve always felt an urge to make a difference in this world. I would always feel overwhelmed by what seemed like an impossible task. In trying to help change the world, in the wake of 9/11, I joined the military thinking it was a chance to make a difference in our world, a chance to defend our country. That experience was an eye opener to say the least. It was the first time I saw the United States of America and our military in an entirely different light. I witnessed nothing but death and destruction. I could literally see the lies being told by our media, what they would report would be the complete opposite to the actions I saw. That attempt to make a difference in the world lead me to a dark place in life. I struggled for years after returning from Iraq. I would later be given a PTSD diagnoses and pumped full of poisons in an attempt to “treat” me.

Never let nothing get between you and your hope and your dreams
We’ve suffered long enough now it’s time they hear our screams

After watching the video for the first time and Prozak gives his answer, for me it was like a light bulb going off in my head. It seemed so simple but something our ego’s may not allow us to see. I credit this video and his music for my “awakening“. Music is a powerful tool that can lift us to our peak or take us to our lowest point. It’s refreshing to see artists using it a positive force in this world.  What did you think of the video? How would you change the world? What artists inspire you?

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