Husband Honors 20th Anniversary By Donating A Kidney To His Wife [Watch]

This man is honoring his pledge to care for his wife "in sickness and in health" by happily donating a kidney to her.

Credit: Inside Edition

Beloved husband Scott Chafian is honoring the twenty years he’s been married to his wife by donating a life-saving resource: his kidney. Inside Edition reports that the good samaritan’s wife, Cindy, has been living on dialysis for the last two years because of her polycystic kidney disease.

Her left kidney had already been removed, and her right began shutting down not long afterward. In result, the only thing that would allow her to live was a kidney transplant. Fortunately, her husband was a match and was more than willing to support his partner “in sickness and in health.”

“I was lucky enough that I could give my kidney to the person who I love most in this world,” commented Scott. “It’s miraculous.”

Watch the heartwarming video below:

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