Human Resources

It’s a documentary about Social Control, examining the history, the philosophy and ultimately the pathology of elite power.

Overall, Human Resources is rough around the edges but still overloaded with gems. Set aside some time to digest this – and take notes.

Scott Noble does an admirable job of fitting ten hours of material into two. He gives the space to all the people he interviews… there’s a metric ton of ideas here and he lets almost all of them unfold and breathe at their own pace.

The footage itself is very low-fi and some of the interviews feel like they drag on for too long, or wander in circles. Impressively, those moments are few and far between.

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  1. Metanoia Films
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  1. Can`t watch due Copyright rights? WTF????

  2. copyright issue….
    if you search on youtube “human resources social engineering” you will find it divided in 9 parts.
    could you fix this one part vid?

  3. Rise and Rise Again, Until Lambs Become Lions

    • And then the Lions eat Lambs, his own species of vertebrata, until it’s save to eat plants that are not eaten by sheep. Lets take a dive in the ocean, maybe life is not staying in a cage. Animals are good creatures with a very long history, Stupid Humans are just developing,into different animals that’s why they make stupid, a lesson for later. Might be an evolutionary process to become a better smart creature in the vertebrate species. Takes another million years, but time is not a barricade when life can be forever. Keep on walking!

  4. Of course we are working for others and, therefore, working for their profit and their power structures. Work for yourself and free yourself! Become your own organisation and you will realise that given the potential you can change and be truly active in society. The passivity of accepting things is not possible anymore.

    Also, companies and organisations are evolving to recognise that the complete control of individuals is not good for profit. The film displays paranoia of a high degree and reminds me of the genre like zeitgeist.

    That is not to say that it shouldn’t be broadcast, but I think a little more skepticism rather than paranoia, please. Crap film loosely threading together certain nasty aspects of behaviourism.

  5. Thanks for Sharing!! Amazing watch…

    Chalk it up to our born identity. We live in shadowed dreams of those “in Power”. The image designed to keep us fine tuned. A system that functions solely on the fall of our people.The people of the world as a whole.

    Mankind took a downward spiral into deception and determination. To rule all that they can lay their eyes upon. We create their security by following suit. playing the card that we are dealt.Categories:they are labeling us for our great demise.

    I refuse to conform, no longer blinded by false reality.

  6. Yay a documentary about the truth minus the tin foil hat conspiracy theory crap…not to mention aliens and ley lines. :D……
    The truth needs to get out there unfiltered minus all the hocus pocus , mumbo jumbo that mainstream media and some unfortunate truth seekers who get lost along the way put into.

    Well done!!! This is unfiltered scientific and honest. If you are watching this then you have just entered the school of reality.

  7. is there anywhere i can download this to show others?

  8. We need to share this, so that as many people as possible watch it and wake up from our sleep .

  9. subtitles ? :/

  10. Interesting: around minute 32 of the movie, Lenin is carried out in an open coffin by a bunch of men. On Lenins left hand side I believe is non other than Stalin with his lush moustache.

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