How Two Guys Hacked Social Media To Travel Europe For Free

Two YouTube stars traveled from Amsterdam to Paris to Barcelona by doing nothing more than swiping right.

Credit: Yes Theory via YouTube

Technology, like most things, is a double-edged sword. For example, people tend to stare at objects, such as cell phones and laptops, more often than they interact with real human beings nowadays, but on the other hand, the advent of the internet has allowed people located all around the world to connect.

The same might be stated for Tinder, a popular ?hookup? app. Millennials, specifically, use Tinder to find a date or a one night stand, but two guys used the app to secure free accommodation and food as they ventured around Europe.

Matt Dajer and Ammar Kandil, from the YouTube channel Yes Theory, decided to explore the uses of the Tinder app. Both met their girlfriends on the platform, which is why they wanted to probe the possibilities of the tool. According to the video below, they spent no money on food or accommodations, and instead relied on the generosity of people they met through the app.

Their success rate of swiping upwards of 10,000 girls was less than 1%. However, they did manage to travel from Amsterdam to Paris to Barcelona, reports Unilad. Reportedly, they sought the ?local experience,? which is why they didn’t mind exploring Europe on their hosts? dime.

On the first night, Tinder didn?t yield success until 5:30 pm. But sure enough, as the trip progressed, the duo kept finding individuals willing to help them out.

Credit: Yes Theory via YouTube

Regarding how they managed to get through Europe without their wallets, Matt commented:

“We originally wanted to send our wallets back home by mail so that we?d have no choice and wouldn?t spend money, but the post office wouldn?t let us (you?re not allowed to send your wallet by mail apparently.?

“But for the most part we stuck to it and the point of the whole project was really to see if people would even be willing to hear us out and take us in, which they did,? he added.

It should be noted that meeting up with strangers through an app is not the safest method to travel or make friends – for either party. Regardless, the experiment proved interesting and successful. Watch the video below to learn more:

While the experiment might be funnier to those who rely on sites geared toward those living a nomadic lifestyle, such as and WWOOFING, it does inspire one to contemplate the untapped range of social media inventions. If Tinder can allow two guys to travel Europe for free, what else might be capable with innovations like Instagram and SnapChat?

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