How Three Women Single-Handedly Dismantled A Rape Attempt

Three women worked together to stop a potential rape attempt in an upscale Santa Monica bar.

Credit: Facebook

Credit: Facebook

You might not know this, but approximately 84% of women who were date raped knew their attacker. Thanks to three brave women, one female was able to avoid becoming another statistic earlier this week.

While dining out at an upscale restaurant in Santa Monica, three women Monica Kenyon, Marla Saltzer, and Sonia Ulrich, stopped what have may been a potential rape in progress. GoodNewsNetwork relays that happy hour was in full swing when Monica noticed a man slip a vial of liquid into his female acquaintance’s drink.

Ulrich wrote on Facebook:

“I was going on about something, and saw Monica staring behind (me) and making a funny face. After a few seconds she said ‘That guy just put something in her drink.’

After a few ‘Oh god. What do we do’s, I got up to find her in the bathroom to…. Warn her. Tell her to get up and leave this creep. Make him drink it. Something.”

After following the woman to the bathroom, Ulrich asked her how well she knew her companion. She responded that the man worked with her and was actually one of her “best friends.”

Meanwhile, Monica had cornered the waiter and told him about what happened, as well as asked if the manager could do something. She later recounted the incident:

“He pulled her glass toward him, kind of awkwardly, then he took out a little black vial. He opened it up and dropped something in. Then he tried to play it cool, like checking his phone and hiding the vial in his hand and then trying to bring it back down slyly.”

Ulrich shared that the man apparently saw Monica looking, but Marla was also watching the inexcusable rape attempt.

“It only took a minute for the manager to walk to their table, see if everything was ok, allowed the girl to order a sparkling water. All super cool. He stopped by our table and said he couldn’t do much because he didn’t see it.”

Then, the manager clued security in on the issue so they could review the security footage.


Until the roofie attempt was confirmed, the woman continued to sit through the 40-minute dinner with her “best friend.”

After it was validated that the man did slip a vial of liquid into her drink, the Santa Monica police walked in. Thanks to the waitstaff coming up with a clever ruse to delay the couple, the man was delayed before he could try to put any other moves on his ‘friend’. The glass was also taken away as evidence.

By the end of the event, most of the restaurant knew what had taken place. People took the time to walk up to the three women and thank them for doing something to protect the anonymous woman – many claiming that they had been victims of such assault.

“It happened to my sister… It happened to my roommate at a producer’s party… It happened to me, at a backyard barbecue… It happened to me at a bar I worked at… Some heroes don’t wear capes. Thank you.”

Ulrich’s Facebook post ended with the following statement:

“Thank you in advance to everyone who sees this and shares this and reminds each other that yes, you SHOULD say something. Even if it’s awkward or weird or just uncertain if anything can be done.”

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