How 10+ Cartoonists From Around The World Have Portrayed President Trump

Artists from various countries have used their talents to portray the new President of the United States.


Unsurprising to many, the United States’ 45th President became the fastest to attain a majority disapproval job rating in the country’s history. Just eight days in to serving as the new Commander in Chief, a whopping 51% of Americans claimed to be unhappy with Donald Trump’s leadership.

And, it’s not just U.S. citizens who are upset by his swiftly signed executive orders and late-night Tweets. Individuals of every profession and faith around the globe have expressed disinterest and rage that the former Apprentice star now holds the highest office in America.

Some who are more expressive about their feelings have utilized their artistic talents to create cartoons about President Trump. From Filipino artists portraying the President as a Nazi to a Russian activist depicting an unhealthy relationship with the business tycoon and Vladimir Putin, they are as different as the many opinions on Donald Trump. This list was sourced from Attn.

#1 Baghdad

Credit: Imgur

This cartoon depicts Trump shooting an arrow through a prisoner about to be executed by a black-clad ISIS member (pointedly claiming the U.S. president’s immigration ban is doing the terror group’s dirty work for them).

#2 United States

Credit: Brian Adcock –

Before Donald Trump was elected, cartoonist Brian Adcock portrayed the business tycoon’s candidacy as a hugely distracting temper tantrum that took over one of last year’s GOP debates.

#3 Phillippines


Filipino cartoonist DengCoy Miel drew the following comic titled “Trump You All Down” for Singapore’s Strait Times newspaper.

#4 Russia


Slovak cartoonist Marian Kamensky illustrated Donald Trump working for a shirtless, Kalashnikov-toting Vladimir Putin and hauling a load of sex tapes.

#5 Russia


The same artist also attacked Trump’s senior advisor Steve Bannon, who is accused of being both a white nationalist and the secret power behind the new President. Kamensky depicts Bannon as a Nazi horse-whisperer, quietly telling Trump what to do.

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